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SELF-REFLECTION· Counselling Course - MC course

Self-Reflection Counselling course focuses on Energy Resonance theory. Your unbalanced negative energy will neutralise and shift to the ideal state by applying the Energy Resonance. The course emphasises on the importance of awareness rather than the judgement of the capability of the right acts. Awareness Self-Reflection lifts the energy level, centres the body & mind, and creates the natural energy flow that navigates the way, which indicates the life should be effortless. The natural ritual will deliver innate capability as a result. Just listen to your innate voice, and observe the mind by the eyes of consciousness, never argue with them.
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HADO Awareness SELF-REFLECTION Breakthrough Course - AMB course

HADO Awareness SELF-REFLECTION Breakthrough Course is 3-days (20 hours) intensive training. The course will provide over twenty categories of Awareness Self-Reflection & Energy Resonance related theories. You will learn the mechanism of various human energies, how to apply the mechanism towards the awareness with practice, why meditation is the natural occurrence; therefore, the training part is only Self-Reflection. The obtained self-awareness manifests energy rebalancing that flows into the natural self-healing (vital force) process. The body starts choosing the gained awareness and technic automatically for survival than extinction.
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Other Seminar and Course

HADO Discovery World Peace Seminar

This seminar is based on the explanation of “water crystal photography” that Dr Masaru Emoto has spread to the world. It also includes screenings of the documentary film “WATER”, a blockbuster hit by 3 million people in Russia.


The word of Meditation as a recent trend often understand as relaxation and self-observation, and aiming mindfulness. In terms of the authentic Himalayan master’s meditation with five thousand years of history tells that authentic meditation is Samadhi, which is the extreme stage of the meditation to be enlightened and awakened. Originally “meditation” is a natural occurrence as a result of many pieces of training, such as controlling desires, energy purification of body, mind, languages to use, food to eat, controlling scenes, focus, self-observation, become oneness to every object, go over the mind and body. After all the training, ‘Samadhi’ the true mediation stage occurs. It is clear that the practice of all the above could call meditation training. Meditation training has consequences by energy resonance with the wrong application. Therefore if you have negative feelings and depression, you could end up resonating to the negative energy to make any symptom worse in case of incorrect use of meditation training. I had seen a few people who had experienced such consequences in the past fifteen years when I was invited to attend casual meditation sessions. In such a case, the meditation should cease immediately, and seek professional guidance to be consulted.

All the information on HADO web site is only part of the content taught in the actual courses. It is easy to misunderstand the contents for using the data into the actual practice. Therefore, the contents’ purpose should be within the personal level of briefly understanding of what HADO Awareness courses are offering. The material of HADO should not be used for any mental and psychological counselling activities, and for-profit and nonprofit organisations training. In the event of a breach of the above conditions, any consequences are the sole responsibilities.

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