HADO Awareness SELF-REFLECTION Breakthrough Course Theories & Practice
[20 hours, 3-4Days]


This course is designed for learning the best way of Self-Reflect to Awareness by earning the knowledge of the mechanism within us, and most importantly, the Energy Harmonic Resonance theory.

The course takes twenty hours, which can go over three to four days within one to two weeks.

The course is suitable for all keen learners who have the quest for “True-Self”, and any healing modality practitioners and mental health counsellors.

Anyone to attend the course need to commit a minimum of two hours every month follow up sessions for at least twelve months.

The course duration of three to four days is recommended to be done within one week. Please discuss the convenient days and time for the course.This course includes a published textbook, a book of reference materials, and a workbook.

How does the course work?

HADO Awareness SELF-REFLECTION Breakthrough Course covers 20 hours over three to four days.
The course goes through the twenty chapters’ viewpoints of Self-Reflection towards awareness of meditation-related theories and practice.
The core teaching of the course is Energy Resonance on Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness that make easy to untangle any issues in daily life. The successful Self-Reflection technique leads to a natural occurrence, Awareness Meditation.

The expecting outcome is to deepen the understanding of how human inner mechanism
[vital force/Self-healing system] works based on HADO Energy Resonance point of view.
The solid Self-Reflection technique enables the problem-solving and balancing energy faster. After that, the natural occurrence of meditation is more in-depth and safer.
You will enjoy the journey of the quest for “True-Self”.

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