What is HADO (2)

3. Memory as Vibrational Energy

The masters are teaching that consciousness and subconsciousness memories that stored in ‘Causal and Astral’ energy fields, and those memories are interacting (resonating) through the mind and physical body as their expression of life. Those memories are Karma, and the desire of the Karmic consciousness memory is the reason to manifest the material realities as reincarnation, which is one of the most significant manifestations.

If energy resonance of mind belief is manifesting the reality of reincarnation, the belief of non-reincarnation theoretically should manifest its reality to stay in energy field without re-born. Especially if that is a strong faith, hence, the belief should be 100% faith as purest. A piece of any desire, wish, regret, or resentment in mind memory, which reside in the Astral and Causal field to become the energy sauce of resonance manifestation. Assuming that is the reason why devotees pray their faith to deepen with God.

University of Virginia (UVA) professor Jim Tucker psychiatrist
“The Science of Reincarnation” by Sean Lyons

He studies children who have past life memories.

“I understand the leap it takes to conclude there is something beyond what we can see and touch,” says Tucker, who served as medical director of the University’s Child and Family Psychiatry Clinic for nearly a decade. “But there is this evidence here that needs to be accounted for, and when we look at these cases carefully, some carry-over of memories often makes the most sense.”

In his latest book, Return to Life, due out this month, Tucker details some of the more compelling American cases he’s researched and outlines his argument that discoveries within quantum mechanics, the mind-bending science of how nature’s smallest particles behave, provide clues to reincarnation’s existence.

“Quantum physics indicates that our physical world may grow out of our consciousness,” Tucker says. “That’s a view held not just by me, but by some physicists as well.”

However, Tucker, like Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, believes that discovery shows that the physical world is affected by, and even derived from the non-physical, from consciousness.

If that’s true, then consciousness doesn’t require a three-pound brain to exist, Tucker says, and so there’s no reason to think that consciousness would end with it.

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