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Have you ever focused on the present,
which has everything you need.

The strong power of your awareness manifests reality.

The Choices of the solutions for your “Awareness".

Body ∞ Mind ∞ Spirit
‐ HADO ‐ Harmony Airs the Dignity of Oneness

Daily awareness message for you


It's time for Self-Reflection. We all have individual lessons from the confrontation.

Just about to finish writing the first book about 'Self-Reflection'.
It's so timely to aware of the importance of Self-Reflection.😊✨
#selfreflection #HADO

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From Our Clients

I think every person can benefit from the skills that can be learnt through the course. It’s not just about meditation and calmness; it is a way to become happier and sort out your priorities.


The significant parts of this course were that tailored to my needs and took me to the stage to have new realisations. 


After learning meditation from her, and with all her treatment, I found that loving myself was as important as loving others.


More stroies from our customers

Life is only the present moment, the moment when your heart beats once.

Isn’t the most precious moment filled up with dwelling on the past and, worrying about the future?

The solution is “Awareness”.

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