Have you ever focused on the present, which has everything you need.

The strong power of your awareness manifests reality.

The Choices of the solutions for your “Awareness”.

Book: "Awareness is the beginning" is out now!

“Applying this book theory into your professional modality” will be the advantage to your clients.


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No matter how much effort your #journey takes to accomplish your life there is no ever-present happiness without #awareness

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Max Planck said, “Everything is energy.”
Mahayana Buddhist Canon teaches “the principles of Polarity & Paradox”.
Galileo & Euler found energy resonance phenomenon.
The book adopted all of that wisdom to clarify our life phenomena, AWARENESS IS THE BEGINNING. https://t.co/OeXQbpSsVZ
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From Our Clients

I think every person can benefit from the skills that can be learnt through the course. It’s not just about meditation and calmness; it is a way to become happier and sort out your priorities.

The significant parts of this course were that tailored to my needs and took me to the stage to have new realisations.

After learning meditation from her, and with all her treatment, I found that loving myself was as important as loving others.


HADO Awareness way of approach

Acceptance starts occurring at the moment of awareness.
What stopping going forward is uncertainty, which gives fear, worry, and hesitation.
When a physical and mental symptom is harsh to go through, clarity may create conditional and limited possibility, which could be rather painful for some people. However, the application of the Energy Resonance Theory will neutralise the difficulties that is the breakthrough to the next stage of unconditional happiness by awareness. That is the moment of acceptance and healing.

  • Point 1     Everything is energy = Frequency = Hz
  • Point 2    Uncertainty = Fear = stop going forward
  • Point 3    Clarity = Information = Knowledge = Obtaining from outside = Conditional = Conditional Healing
  • Point 4    Awareness-self = Occurring from inside = Unconditional=Unlimited Healing
Five elements of Wellbeing
  1. 1. Actively Self-Reflect
  2. 2. Energy resonance as neutral connection
  3. 3. Awareness to improve
  4. 4. Love & Gratitude to the others
  5. 5. Love & Gratitude to the self

HADO Awareness focuses on the above mechanism by the application of HADO Self-Reflection towards Awareness Meditation.

All of the sessions use Energy Harmonic Resonance and intend to promote vital force (self-healing power). Meditation’s benefits have proven in science fields, yet not many precise mechanisms.Most importantly, the solid Self-Reflection technique contributes the safer and more beneficial natural occurrence, which is the Awareness Meditative state. HADO Awareness explains the mechanism of Self-Reflection and technique through Energy Resonance phenomena to clarify how to use method more effecctively, and receive the benefits easier in everyday life.
* HADO is a Japanese word meaning of Wave motion.


Asami Gough

International HADO instructor Graduate Certificate of Counselling

Asami has been living in Sydney since 1988. In 2008, she developed a “Self-Realization Course” based on meditation training, departing from her early career in Banking and Tourism.

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Life is only the present moment, the moment when your heart beats once.

Isn’t the most precious moment filled up with dwelling on the past and, worrying about the future?

The solution is “Awareness”.

“Awareness of each individual is the key to gaining peace of mind, and this book is designed to help you connect with your true self.”
Hiromasa Emoto
President of Office Masaru Emoto, LLC, and President of I.H.M. Co., Ltd
Hado : A powerful tool for self-awareness
Asami Gough
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